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Considering the hectic lifestyle and busy schedules, now-a-days we are more prone to forgetting important events like birthdays and anniversaries. If you are too one of this kind, schedulers are the best thing you could have at your disposal. Though you can easily schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone, but today we are here to talk about your Mac Mail app. I am more a Mail user than WhatsApp when it comes to wishing my colleagues, so Mail scheduler for Mac is what I needed and probably many of you too. But unfortunately, Mail app has no such feature which can schedule Emails on Mac. To schedule Emails in mail app on Mac, we’ll be making use of Automator script. Let’s see how to do it :

How To Schedule Emails On Mac Mail App :

Step 1 : If you know where Automator is located on your Mac, just launch it. In case you are not aware of it, head over to Spotlight search and look up for Automator.  

How To Schedule Emails On Mac Mail App

Step 2 : As soon as automator launches, select Applications as destination folder and tap on New Document to in order to create a new app.

How To Schedule Emails On Mac Mail App

Step 3 : From the dialog box, select Application and tap on Choose.

How To Schedule Emails On Mac Mail App

Step 4 : In the given window, follow the Library tab on the left sidebar, tap on Mail -> New Mail Message and drag it over to the empty space.

How To Schedule Emails On Mac Mail App

Step 5 : A popup will appear asking to enter the recipient address, subject, CC, BCC and your preferred account in case you have multiple Email addresses. Fill the details accordingly.

How To Schedule Emails On Mac Mail App

Step 6 : Now drag Send Outgoing Messages option and drop it below New Mail Message window.

How To Schedule Emails On Mac Mail App

Step 7 : It’s time to save your Application. Tap on File -> Save, make sure File Format is Applications. Name this application as your wish, but I’ll suggest you to name it as Email Scheduler to identify it later.

Step 8 : Now you are just couple of minutes away to Schedule Emails On Mac Mail App. Launch Calendar app on your Mac and select the date you wish to schedule Email on. Double click on that particular Date to create New Event.

Step 9 : As soon as New Event box appears, enter the correct date, time and name the New Event name as per your wish.

  • Tap on Alert -> Custom to set new custom alerts.

Step 10 : From the Custom alert dialog box, from the first drop down menu- select Open File. From the next drop down menu- select the app you have created from Applications, remember it was named as Email scheduler.

From the 3rd drop down, select At the time of event and finally tap on OK.

Bingo! You have successfully created an app which will easily Schedule Emails in Mail App On Mac despite of lack of native Mail Scheduler For Mac. 

How To Schedule Emails On Mac Mail App – Conclusion :

This is a great trick to schedule Emails on Mac but with a catch. This trick only work if your Mac is running at the scheduled time. If it is not running, Calendar will fail to initiate the event.

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