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There is no limit or end to the customizations and additional functionalities you can add to the existing WhatsApp Messenger on your iPhone. True to the meaning, WhatsApp when paired with iOS firmware has turned out to be a feature-box with new things and tweaks coming up almost every day.  Though the official developers of WhatsApp Messenger as well as Apple adds limitation to the app, those can easily be removed by jailbreaking your iPhone.

Officially, you can only transfer photos, videos, contacts and location between WhatsApp accounts. Now-days, almost all business employees use WhatsApp Messenger in their daily day to day life, and imagine how convenient life would become if you were able to share important file formats like .pdf, .zip, .doc, or .rar files through WhatsApp only. We surely got your minds wondering, and here we are, with a working solution for the same. Now you can easily send all file formats via WhatsApp just the way you send photos, and the other person can easily receive it. However, you do not require a jailbroken iPhone for this trick to work. So here we go.

Things you need:

  • iPhone running on any iOS.
  • WhatsApp Messenger installed on it.
  • Working internet connection.
  • Little patience.

How To Share Any File Via WhatsApp From iPhone Easily

NOTE: We highly recommend you to  make a complete backup of your iPhone before proceeding, in case anything goes wrong.

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Step 1: First of all, you will require an application which will be capable of downloading external media, like .mp3 ,.zip, .doc or .pdf files from the web or from your mail. One of them available in the Apple app store is MP3 Music Downloader. The tweak has its built in web browser and lets you download any files. You can also use iFile, Downloader or any other similar tweak.

mp3 downloader

Step 2: Use the built in web browser of that application, in this case Mp3 music downloader, to access the file you need to send. For instance we need to send a .pdf document via WhatsApp Messenger which is available in my mail account.

downloader file

Step 3: Since the app lets you download external files, you can easily download any file and it will be available under the Downloads section of it. Find it. Here we have a doc named Passport.doc.

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Step 4: Tap the file available under the Downloads section, and then tap on Open in WhatsApp. 

send via whatsapp

Step 5: Now, select the WhatsApp contact to send the file to, and tap Send button.
Step 6: In case you are not able to send a particular file type or want to send the file from local storage of your iPhone, simply change the extension of that file to .mp3 by simply renaming it and transfer the renamed .mp3 file to the desired contact.  However, the other person receiving this file will have to change the name back to the original extension before using it.

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