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It doesn’t matter for how long you have been using iPhone, most of us still can’t figure out how certain things works on it. For instance, yesterday I tried to share home videos from iPhone to WhatsApp just to figure out there’s no option to share home videos on iPhone. I was totally shocked, I mean what the heck, you are on holidays, shot some great videos from your DSLR, transferred it to iPhone via iTunes and finally when you tried to share it with your friends and family there’s no option to do so. However, sharing is possible when the same video is in your camera roll instead of video app. So basically, today at GizmoStorm, we’ll see how to move videos from Video app to camera roll and make it eligible for sharing over WhatsApp, Instagram and other social media profiles.

How To Share Home Videos On iPhone :

Step 1 : Before you try to transfer videos From Video app to Camera Roll on iPhone, head over to App Store and install HV2CAM : Home Video To Camera Roll app on your iPhone.

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Step 2 : Make sure your videos are Home Videos only, videos like Films or TV shows are not suitable for this guide. Now, launch HV2CAM app from your iPhone and look out for the Home Video which you want to move from Video app to Camera Roll.

How To Share Home Videos On iPhone

Step 3 : Tap on the Video and press Save to Photos (Camera Roll).

How To Share Home Videos On iPhone

Step 4 : Head over to Photos -> Camera Roll and check the last one on the list. It’s your Home video transferred to Camera Roll.

Step 5 : Tap on Sharing option and select WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram or any other app on which you want to share your Home Video.

How To Share Home Videos On iPhone

Voila! You have successfully shared Home Videos on iPhone. Isn’t it the most easiest fix for the most annoying issue on iPhone? Follow the comment section and do let us know how this little trick helped you in your daily lives.

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