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Both Instagram and WhatsApp are acquitted by Facebook, but interoperability among the two is still not at par. Today I’ll show you how to easily Share Instagram Videos on WhatsApp. 

Despite of copying the Story feature of Snapchat, Instagram has managed to grab attention of it’s not so potential users. More and more people are reaching out to Instagram for sharing some amazing videos and in no time they goes viral. In case you are a power Instagram user, I bet you explore enormous number of videos and by the time you are reading this, you must be having tons of them to share in your wishlist. Though official Instagram app won’t allow you to share those videos anywhere, instead why don’t you try an unofficial workaround? Sounds cool, no?

For iPhone users, here’s a good news – you don’t need to Jailbreak your iPhone anymore. Happy! In case you are an Android user, just sit back and relax, things are really easy for you. Let’s begin and see how you can easily Share Instagram Videos on WhatsApp :

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Pre-requisite Before You Share Share Instagram Videos on WhatsApp [iPhone users] :

  1. Lightning cable to connect your iPhone with Mac/Windows PC.
  2. Cydia Impactor installed on your respective desktop OS. Here’s download link for Cydia Impactor [Windows | Mac].
  3. Instagram ++ ipa file downloaded on your PC. Here’s download link for Instagram ++
  4. Make sure you have deleted previous Instagram app from your iPhone. If not, please delete it now.

How To Share Instagram Videos On WhatsApp :

Step 1 : Done with installing Cydia Impactor on your PC? Ready with Instagram ++ ipa file? If yes, please follow the mentioned steps carefully.

Connect your iPhone with PC via lightning cable and launch Cydia Impactor.

How To Share Instagram Videos on WhatsApp

Step 2 : Drag the Instagram ++ ipa and drop it to Cydia Impactor Window. It’ll ask you for iTunes login and password. Please enter your current iTunes login and password or you can create a dummy iTunes account for this purpose.

Step 3 : Wait for few seconds and allow Cydia Impactor to install Instagram ++ on your iPhone or any other iOs device.

How To Share Instagram Videos on WhatsApp

Step 4 : Disconnect your iPhone and head over to Settings -> General -> Device Management and Trust Instagram ++

Step 5 : That’s it! Everything is set up. Now launch Instagram ++ and search for the video you want to share. Tap on ++ icon below the video and select Share with ++.

From all the sharing options, select WhatsApp.

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Step 6 : Instead of sending video, you can also opt to convert it to GIF. Just toggle it to GIF side and you are done. Finally tap on Send button.

How To Share Instagram Videos on WhatsApp

This is how you can send Instagram Videos to WhatsApp on iPhone. Let’s see how to do it for Android :


Pre-requisite Before You Send Instagram Video To WhatsApp [Android] :

  1. There’s nothing much required for Android device. All you need to do is delete the official Instagram app and download the Insta+ apk. Here’s the download link for Insta+.apk file.
How To Send Instagram Video To WhatsApp :

Step 1 : Install the Instagram+ apk and login to your Instagram account.

Step 2 : Locate the Instagram video you want to share on WhatsApp and tap on three dots above that video.

How To Share Instagram Videos on WhatsApp

Step 3 : From the action menu, tap on Share URL.

How To Share Instagram Videos on WhatsApp

Step 4 : Next you’ll see the sharing menu, from there select WhatsApp (I don’t have WhatsApp on my Android, so it’s not there on screenshot).

How To Share Instagram Videos on WhatsApp

Bingo! You have successfully shared Instagram Video on WhatsApp. Though doing this on Android was pretty easy as compared to iOs, however iOs users can now successfully share Instagram videos without the need of Jailbreaking their device.

In case of any queries or doubts, don’t forget to comment down below. I’ll try to get back asap. For more iOs or Android How-tos, head over to iOs How-tos or Android How-tos section right away.