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Whether it’s you or me, everyone wants their device to perform faster. Considering the race of three major mobile OSes : iOs, Android and Windows Phone, Android devices are prone more to lags and deceleration. If you are one of the majority users whose Android device often lags or decelerate, then you are at the right place to put up a question : How to speed up Android device just after a break.

There seems to be two types of Android users : Root users and Non-root users. For Non-root users, you have to apply basic steps for speeding up your device and check whether these steps are working for you or not. Moving onto Root users, number of apps are there at Play Store that can simplify your task and substantially accelerate your droid without any doubt. Though, Rooting your phone will void the warranty, but if doesn’t bother you then head over to XDA forum and have a look at complete rooting process for your device.

* Speed up Android device instantly : For Non-root users

  • Customizing the homescreen : Droid’s homescreen is packed up with three resources – Wallpapers, widgets and icons. Managing the above three resources in an optimized way will substantially increase the performance of your device. If you are running a single core processor with older version of Android, say Gingerbread, then try to avoid Live wallpapers. They might look good to your eyes but will decelerate your device which is certainly noticeable. Moreover, live wallpapers are key factor for draining up the battery in no time. Try to trim the widgets and shortcut icons that you hardly use. This will fast up the booting process and your droid will boot up faster than before.

How to speed up Android device instantly

  • Uninstall unused apps : Let’s understand this step with the help of example : Consider two big rooms, one fully packed with unlimited number of objects and the other one is packed in synchronized way. You are asked to find your two different pair of jeans in both the rooms. In which room you’ll end up your search faster? Certainly the second room. Isn’t it? Same goes for your droid. If you pack the number of apps and games to limited number, certainly you end up with a faster device and you can notice the change instantly.

How to speed up Android device instantly

  • Ignore task killer apps : You might be thinking, what the crap he is saying. But yes, it’s a big misconception that task killers speed up your Android device, rather it slow down things. When you run up an app, they are stored in the cache memory and the next time you open up the same app, they’ll load faster, just try it. Now, when you activate task killer, it kills all the cache processes and next time you open up the app, they’ll take their usual timing which seems quite long. In case some or the other app is misbehaving, try to force close them. If they still persisting the same problem, completely uninstall that app.

How to speed up Android device instantly


  • Try different browser : Try to understand, Android stock browsers updates only when the whole operating system updates. Considering the older version of Android, say Gingerbread, it’s quite a long time since they last updated. Chrome browser (Playstore lnk) or Firefox (Playstore lnk) for Android are faster browser that loads up even heavy websites with in no time. Moreover, there’s a Lightning Browser (Playstore link) from XDA developers that is faster and lighter than any other browser. Moreover, it’s capable of running flash content as well. Browsers other than your stock Android browser will definitely enhance your web experience.

How to speed up Android device instantly

* Speed up Android device instantly : For root users

  • Install custom ROMsInstalling the custom ROMs of latest Android version will certainly reduce the lag and deceleration of your droid. Infact, newer Android versions are more stable and bug free than their previous version. So, even if your device is not liable to get latest Android version, you can still get it using custom ROMs. You can get the custom ROMs for your device from XDA.

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  • Overclock your DroidOverclocking will substantially increase the CPU speed with no doubt. Your droid will be better than ever after overclocking but keep in mind that overclocking may result into more battery drainage. Moreover, a overclocked device generate more heat as compared to any other droid, and in worst case this may also led to hardware failure.
  • Use of third party applications : Third party applications like Set CPU, SD booster can certainly improve the performance of your droid. Head here to take a look at applications that can boost up your rooted device performance.

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