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I always had trouble monitoring my employees productivity. While having a closer look at my employees, I somehow noticed Hangouts being the real culprit here. Instead of using it as a mean to extend my business, most of them started using Hangouts more as personal Instant messaging client rather than professional, hampering the productivity by leaps and bound. It was really frustrating for me and there was a desperate need to Spy On Google Hangouts messages of  my employees. Probably the only way to know who among them is really working hard.

One fine day, a close relative of mine advised to use Google Hangouts tracking app which she was using to monitor her teen daughter. I decided to give it a try and believe me, my company’s productivity rises to 150% as compared to previous quarter. This was probably the best professional decision for me so far. To help you out regarding the same, today at GizmoStorm, we are here with how to Spy Hangouts Chat of your employees or teens remotely :

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Pre-requisites To Spy On Google Hangouts Messages Remotely :

  • Make sure your Employee/Teen is using either iOs or Android.
  • You need a good cellphone tracking app which can easily Spy Hangouts chat remotely. mSpy For Smartphone is the most sophisticated and genuine piece of software which works in Stealth/hidden mode.

Download mSpy for smartphone

How To Spy On Google Hangouts Messages Remotely :

Step 1 : Before proceeding further make sure you got your hands on one of the Google Hangouts tracker mentioned above.

It is just because of endless efforts from active developers, Google Hangouts Tracking for good is not at all difficult these days. It’ll take you not more than 5-10 minutes to set up everything. The very first step is to install Google Hangouts Spy app to target device.

How To Spy On Google Hangouts Messages Remotely

During the entire installation procedure, you would be guided in every possible way once you enter your mSpy control panel.

Step 2 : As soon as installation is done, you have to wait for few hours, meanwhile let mSpy to fetch all the Hangouts messages and media from target device.

How To Spy On Google Hangouts Messages Remotely


Step 3 : Launch browser either on Cellphone or PC and finally login to your mSpy cPanel with credentials you have received on Mail. Select Google Hangouts from tracking option and read all the messages you always wanted to.

How To Spy On Google Hangouts Messages Remotely


Congratulations, you are all set to spy on Google Hangouts messages without much efforts. In case of any queries or issues, feel free to ask via comment section provided below. I’ll try my best to get back as soon as possible.

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