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iPhone and Mac are perfect companion for each other considering the wide range of syncing options available over iTunes. But not all devices are this much lucky with Mac. Trying to sync any other device seamlessly with Mac? Probably you’ll have the hardest time of your life as Apple has a bounded ecosystem which ought to favour product under it’s own hood only; seems to be a great marketing strategy by Apple for getting a tighter hold over it’s customers.

Though neither Mac nor Android device has inbuilt capabilities to sync with one another, but there are number of third party apps that are designed so beautifully to make our lives even more easier. For covering the same, today at GizmoStorm, we are here with How To Sync Android With Mac Wirelessly :

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Pre-requisites Before You Sync Android With Mac Wirelessly :

  • Your Mac should be running on OS X 10.8.5 Or later.
  • SyncMate is a perfect Sync app allowing you to sync your Android with Mac wirelessly. Download SyncMate on your Mac. 
  • Install SyncMate Android companion on your Android device. There is no limitation on Android version you are running, SyncMate companion is compatible with all versions of Android.

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How To Wirelessly Sync Android With Your Mac :

Step 1 : Make sure you have installed SyncMate on your Mac and SyncMate Companion on your Android. If not, please follow the links provided above and install them before you proceed further.

Step 2 : Now, open SyncMate on your Mac and select Android from various device options present on the screen.

How To Sync Android With Mac Wirelessly

Step 3 : In order to Sync Android With Mac Over WiFi, SyncMate provides you with three options – via USB, Wifi or Bluetooth. For demonstration purpose I am using Sync over Wifi, but you can chose whichever suits you best. 

How To Sync Android With Mac Wirelessly

Step 4 : It’s time to open SyncMate Android companion on your phone. Make sure both your Android and Mac are on same WiFi network. As soon as you open SyncMate on Android, both your Android and Mac will connect seamlessly with each other making it easiest task to Sync your Android with Mac wirelessly.  

How To Sync Android With Mac Wirelessly

Step 5 : Now select from various options available to Sync with and tap on Done.

How To Sync Android With Mac Wirelessly

Step 6 : Just wait for few seconds and all your Contacts, SMS’, calls, Calendar, Music, Photos will sync automatically over the air. This is how you can easily Sync Android With Mac Wirelessly.

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