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Ever wondered what your child is doing when he’s home alone? Is Google Chrome history on your PC/Mac is stagnant for days despite of the fact he’s browsing all day long 24×7. Are you seeing some unusual adult behaviour from your teen which he shouldn’t be learning in this age? If all these things makes your heads up, blame incognito browsing mode on all major browsers which neither lets you track your child’s unusual browsing activity nor it helps you raise your teen kids appropriately. To make teen parenting easier, there’s a neat trick which let parents Track Incognito Browsing History on all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and even those which are not listed here easily. For the same, today at GizmoStorm, we are here with how to monitor incognito browsing history :

Pre-requisite Before You Track Incognito Browsing History :

  • Your child should be running either Mac or Windows PC. This guide is not compatible for Linux versions.
  • This guide will work regardless of which browser he/she is using.
  • Get a good PC/Mac monitoring software which will help you raise your child with good moral values. I strongly recommend you to get mSpy For Computers.

Get mSpy For Mac/Windows 

How To Check Private Browsing History :

Step 1 : Got your hands on mSpy For Computers? If not get it from above link. If yes, follow the mail you have received just after registering for the license of mSpy. It looks exactly like this :

How To Track Incognito Browsing History

Step 2 : In order to check history on incognito mode, login to your mSpy cPanel and select your desktop device i.e. Mac or Windows. I am using Mac, so for demonstration purpose I am selecting Mac.

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Tap on Proceed.

How To Track Incognito Browsing History

Step 3 : Now, from mSpy cPanel itself download stable version of mSpy, note your license key and begin installation.

How To Track Incognito Browsing History

Step 4 : Within installation window, enter the noted account ID and license key and complete the installation procedure.

How To Track Incognito Browsing History

Step 5 : Your work is done now, let mSpy fetch all the data. It’ll take mere 20 minutes to grab the required private browsing data, till then sip your green tea.

Step 6 : From your mSpy cPanel, select browsing history tab and find incognito history. Listed history might take you by surprise but this will suddenly let you nurture your child accordingly.

How To Track Incognito Browsing History

You can also have a look at his Google search queries easily, just select Online search and all the search queries will be listed.

How To Track Incognito Browsing History

This is how you can easily monitor incognito browsing.

Monitor Incognito Browsing – Conclusion :

mSpy for computers is a great piece of software which will easily let you to track incognito browsing history on Chrome, Safari, Firefox or almost every browser and that too discreetly.

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In case of any queries or issues, follow our comment section provided below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. For more Mac or Windows Tutorials, head over to Mac How-tos or Windows How-tos section right away.