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Back in 2010, Instagram was launched with the aim of creating a whole new world of Photos and Videos. But with the ever changing Instant messaging environment Instagram couldn’t resist itself from adding tons of new features, DM or Direct Message being the one. As of 6 May 2016, Instagram has over 400 million users and surprisingly 60% of them log in daily. Is your child one of those 60% people who are crazy about Instagram? If this is so, then you should be worried about his online activity and risk he/she is being exposed to.

I have been guiding worried parents regarding online safety of their teens since 3 years or so. Every one ask me how they can track WhatsApp without target phone or how to spy on someone’s Snapchat but no one asked me about Instagram. Strange! I guess, Instagram is one of the most critical social app for your teen considering the fact that Instagram Direct carries a big time risk to your child’s safety online as any random unknown user can easily message them on Instagram. In case you are serious about child’s safety, then you should act as soon as possible before it get’s too late. For the same, today at GizmoStorm, I am here with How To Track Someone’s Instagram DM Without Letting Them Know :


Pre-requisite Before You Begin To Track Someone’s Instagram DM :

  • Your child should be using either Android or iOs device. In case it’s Windows Phone, you are out of luck as this guide is only for Android and iOs.
  • A Parental Monitoring Software which can easily track someone’s Instagram Direct. There are only few monitoring softwares which specialises in tracking Instagram. From my personal experience, I would suggest you to go for either SpyStealth Instagram Tracker or mSpy Instagram Tracker.

Download SpyStealth   Download mSpy

Why there’s need for Parental monitoring software to track your child’s Instagram Direct?

  1. Following your child on Instagram with the hope of seeing his/her DM? Sorry, but Instagram will not let you to see someone’s Instagram direct messages. They are meant to be personal.
  2. Your child will surely not let you to access his/her Instagram so easily. There might be stuff on his account which is not supposed to be seen by you, atleast according to him.

So without delaying further, let’s begin with the actual procedure to spy on someone’s Instagram DM and reveal the truth.


How To See Someone’s Instagram DM Without Their Password :

Step 1 : Got your hands on SpyStealth or mSpy? If yes, proceed to next step and initiate the Instagram tracker configuration. If you are still thinking whether to buy the licensed version of Instagram tracker or not, just close your eyes and weigh your child’s online safety with few bucks.You’ll get a clearer picture, I can’t stress more.

For demonstration purpose I am using SpyStealth Instagram Tracker, you can use either SpyStealth or mSpy.

Step 2 : For tracking Instagram Direct, you need access to your child’s smartphone for 3-5 minutes. Get access to his/her smartphone and install the SpyStealth monitoring app. For your convenience, SpyStealth provides complete technical support for installing the Instagram tracker on your child’s smartphone.

How To Track Someone's Instagram DM Without Letting Them Know

Step 3 : Once installation phase is over, head over to SpyStealth online cPanel and login with your account credentials (Check your Email for Username and Password).

How To Track Someone's Instagram DM Without Letting Them Know

Step 4 : Move to Message section and locate Instagram to access your child’s Direct Messages. (Check yourself from SpyStealth’s Demo Page)

Step 5 : Just sit back and sip in your green tea as entire Instagram Direct logs will be presented on your computer screen. Check every messages, photos, videos, checkins and tags from your child’s Instagram account anytime at your own convenience. The best thing is, he/she will never get to know that you have seen their messages for good.

How To Track Someone’s Instagram DM Without Letting Them Know


Some FAQs On Instagram Tracker :

~ Ques 1 : Is physical access to smartphone mandatory to access someone’s Instagram without password?

Ans : Yes, you to need physical access to your child’s smartphone for 3-5 minutes.

~ Ques 2 : Will he ever get know about being monitored?

Ans : No, both the Instagram tracker program works in stealth mode. So there’s no chance about being caught.

~ Ques 3 : Will I be able to see someone’s deleted Instagram photo?

Ans : The best thing about Instagram tracker is, you can easily view someone’s deleted Instagram photo.

~ Ques 4 : Is monitoring my child legal?

Ans : Yes, if he/she is in under your guardianship then it’s completely legal to monitor their online activity.

~ Ques 5 : That’s it, I am ready to monitor my child’s Instagram. Where can I get those Instagram Tracker from?

Ans : You can get SpyStealth [Product Page] or mSpy [Product Page] from given product page link.

In case of any queries or suggestions, don’t forget to comment down below. I’ll get back to you asap. For more iOs or Android guides, head over to iOs How-tos or Android How-tos section right away.