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It doesn’t matter that how many Apple devices you own, you will still be dependent on one Google Account because of loads of Open-Source services offered by Google, such as their Google Maps, Gmail or Google Chrome. Hence it is equally important to maintain and update your Google Account from time to time. We have many of the users shifting from iOS or Apple iPhone or iPads to Android smartphone or tablets and the most common problem faced by them is to transfer their contacts from their old Apple to their current Gmail contacts.

If you have been using Gmail as your primary e-mail account then it must have been mandatory for you to keep updating your e-mail contacts with the contacts available on your iPhone. Luckily, this is not a problem anymore and we are going to explain your why. Just follow the series of steps mentioned below.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to GMail:

Step-1 :

Make sure that your contacts are getting synced with your iCloud account.
Step-2 :

Now visit your iCloud website and reach out for the Contacts section. You will see that all the contacts on your iPhone are mentioned there.

Step-3 :


Select the contacts which you want to export, by pressing ‘crtl’ and then click the contacts one by one (if you want to select all then press ‘Crtl+A’ on your keyboard). One the Contacts are selected, export (or download) the VCF file of all those contacts by clicking the highlighted option mentioned below.
Step-4 :

Now you will just have to upload that VCF file under the Contacts section of your Gmail account. Once the file is uploaded, Gmail will filter out all the duplicate contacts and will ask you whether to merge them or not.

That’s it!! The contacts are now uploaded and will become the part of your Google Account and by any chance if happen to have any Android device with you, then they automatically download on that device also. Let us know if you faced any problem while using performing this tutorial.