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“Jailbreak or not, that is not a question anymore”. I am just quoting Pangu here and this time they very much mean it. We got iOs 9.3.3 Jailbreak after 9 long months of wait and I can really feel the joy all over the Jailbreak community. By now, I guess you guys have already prepared the list of tweaks you want to install/purchase, No? Though as of now you can easily install the free tweaks, but Saurik is yet to update Cydia for purchasing the paid tweaks. I believe it would be done in week or so, till then why not try Jailbreak tweaks before purchase? Moreover, if you are not sure about the tweak’s performance and want to try before you buy, just follow the article and later you can easily decide whether to purchase it or not.

In no sense we are trying to promote cracked Cydia tweaks and their repos. Developers put lot of efforts and sacrifices on their part to make our lives easy, let’s not demotivate them by promoting Warez. Anyways, spending one or two dollar for some great tweaks will only encourage them to build more such tweaks for us. Agree? It’s my request to purchase it as soon as you are satisfied with the features, I can’t stress it more.


How To Try Jailbreak Tweaks Before Purchase :

Step 1 : Head over to Cydia, tap on Search tab and search for iFile. iFile comes with free unlimited trial and limited functionalities (for trial version), but it will suffice our needs. Install iFile on your iOs device.

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Step 2 : Now launch Safari and jump onto Google Search. Search for the tweak name you want to try and add ‘deb‘ at the end of your search query. For example, If I want to try Virtual Home, I’ll search for ‘Virtual Home deb‘. You’ll see plethora of search results with websites hosting cracked Cydia tweaks.

How To Try Jailbreak Tweaks Before Purchase

Step 3 : Tap on the deb file link (above screenshot) and select Open in “iFile”.

How To Try Jailbreak Tweaks Before Purchase

Step 4Next, from the prompt window, select Installer and let iFile install the .deb file for you.

How To Try Jailbreak Tweaks Before Purchase

Step 5 : Respring the iDevice and you are done. This is how you can easily try before you buy Cydia tweaks

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There’s also an alternate method to install deb files on iPhone, iPad or iPod, in case you don’t like this one. Moreover, you can also try some cracked repos to download paid Cydia tweaks for free, this can too give you an easy solution to try Cydia tweaks before purchase. I wish Saurik could someday embed the feature of try before buy in Cydia, fingers crossed.  

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