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The time Apple pushes a new iOs version, I get nasty feeling of receiving the iOs update reminders every now and then. There could be various reasons why Apple want us to update our iPhones as soon as possible, one could be preventing the Jailbreak community to release their tools frequently and other could be enhancing the security of it’s platform. Whatever the reasons are, it’s always annoying to receive update notification when you are in middle of something on your iPhone. I’ll let you know how to turn off iOs update notification, but first learn why you are getting these reminders despite you have turned off Automatic updates.

Despite of turning off Automatic update, Apple pushes the download of it’s latest firmware on your iPhone as soon as you connect to a healthy Wi-Fi connection. For instance Apple released iOs 9.3.2 few days back, I haven’t installed it but the download file is still residing on my iPhone consuming the space and prompting me to install it. So what should you do to Turn Off Software Update Notifications Reminders On iOs :

How To Turn Off iOs Update Notification

Turn Off iOs Update Notification – Method 1 [Delete the update]

Step 1 : Head over to Settings and scroll down to General. Tap on it.

Step 2 : Click on Storage & iCloud Usage and under Storage tab, tap on Manage Storage.

Step 3 : Wait while your entire app list populates, it might take couple of seconds to a minute depending on the number of apps you have on your iPhone.

Step 4 : Scroll down till you see iOs version name, tap on it and Delete Update.

This will surely Turn Off Software Update Notifications Reminders On iOs but with a catch. Next time you connect to a healthy Wi-Fi network while on charging, Apple will again force download this update to your iPhone. Repeat the steps and you are good to go.

Turn Off iOs Update Notification – Method 2 [Add Update Severs To Blocking List]

Step 1 : Head over to your Router Login page from your browser, for me it’s . Depending on your Router, it might or might not be different.

How To Turn Off iOs Update Notification

Considering the Login details, in case you don’t know, for most of the Routers username is admin and password is also admin. If authentication fails, contact your ISP and ask them about your login details.

Step 2 : Next, find URL Filtering or Blocking Section and add the following domains to the list :

How To Turn Off iOs Update Notification

Unlike the first method, this is a permanent method to Disable iOs software update notification. You’ll not be able to update your iOs version till you delete these domain from the URL Filtering list. Deletion works the same way addition worked, follow the same steps.

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