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Surely you don’t own a fancy DSLR, that’s why you are here. Isn’t it? Anyways my friend, who needs a DSLR when your iPhone is much capable of capturing surreal photos for you. It is an old saying, “the best camera is one you have with you” and your iPhone is no exception to it. I have seen number of short films on YouTube solely captured from an iPhone and believe me I never imagined an iPhone could shoot these kind of films. Moreover, you can find plethora of courses on Udemy emphasising on filmmaking through an iPhone.

So factually you can take DSLR like photo on iPhone very easily, but practically your iPhone needs both hardware and software support to supplement it’s camera capabilities. At this point of time, even if you are thinking to buy a DSLR then please wait, by the end of the article you’ll find your iPhone the best holiday companion for you and your family. Are you ready? Just sit back and relax as today I’ll show you How To Transform Your iPhone Into a DSLR :

BitPlay Snap! Pro Kit To Turn Your iPhone Into a DSLR :

How To Turn Your iPhone Into a DSLR

There’s no doubt how significantly the smartphones have impacted the sales of point shoot cameras. If you ask me what I prefer, let me tell you handheld cameras are still my first choice, they feel too good to shoot as compared to my iPhone. iPhone is definitely sleek, but not ergonomic, there’s no dedicated shoot button and a fixed lens don’t suits well for many situations.

Hold on guys, after using BitPlay Snap! Pro my perspective totally changed towards iPhone. Guess what, within just week of use I am thinking to ditch my DSLR for my next holiday. You know why? At any point of time I can turn iPhone into DSLR like figure and reverse it back whenever I wish. Let’s see how this this amazing case can turn your iPhone into a DSLR :

1. Hard Case : The case itself is a game changer for your iPhone. It is a hard plastic shell, read premium plastic, providing ultimate back and bumper protection to your iPhone. It fits your iPhone so well, feels like implicit part of your phone. Neither think it to be too tight making it impossible to remove nor too loose, as I said it fits your iPhone just next to perfection. Very few cases provides protection with style and BitPlay Snap Pro! does it very well. With Bumper Guard and Semi-rigid plastic, this case is what your iPhone needs during a free fall.

Still not convinced with the case? Here you go, there’s a physical shutter button at an easily reachable position to get the best non shaky shots for you. Basically it’s a a patent pending lever mechanism that presses the volume down button to capture a picture.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.16.04 PM

2. Ergonomic Interchangeable Grip : Ergonomic grip is a must have requirement to turn your iPhone into a DSLR. Many a times I felt like slipping my iPhone from a cliff while taking an adventurous shot, no doubt I almost got heart attack everytime I risked my beautiful device. There are two grips included in the pack; Interchangeable grips allow you to switch between moments, like when you are on the photographer mode with a solid grip, or when you are in an everyday on the go moment.

The best thing is, your iPhone is now Tripod compatible, all thanks to special Interchangeable grip included in this magical kit.

3. Interchangeable Lens System : BitPlay interchangeable lenses plays a vital role to take DSLR like photo on iPhone. Don’t mistake them as a plastic junk, these lenses placed inside premium aluminium casing are made for some serious business. Designed with precision, these sturdy lenses fits the BitPlay Snap! Pro case firmly yet strong to get detached, thanks to the male female screw system.

How To Turn Your iPhone Into a DSLR

Here are few snaps with iPhone lens and iPhone lens along with BitPlay interchangeable lenses.

I believe BitPlay has done exceptionally well to get some exceptionally designed lenses and companion case to turn your iPhone into a DLSR. If not exactly DSLR, but I am sure it’ll help you to take DSLR like photo on iPhone. To get BitPlay Snap! Pro, you can head over to their official website or buy it from Amazon.

Get It From BitPlay   Get It From Amazon 

Rookie Cam App To Turn Your iPhone Into a DSLR :

Just like any machine, hardware alone cannot do all by itself. It needs it’s software companion for taking things to next level, photography is no exception. Though BitPlay Snap! Pro alone is enough to make iPhone photos look professional, but a good camera app just adds icing to the cake. If you are thinking to go beyond the boundaries in the world of photography, Rookie Cam for iPhone is a must have app and the good thing is it’s free. Just use it for couple of days and you’ll ditch your stock camera app for sure.

Rookie Cam adds professional DSLR like settings that significantly helps you to take DSLR like photo on iPhone. This amazing camera app provides editing features perfect for those who wish for a more sophisticated photo editing. Crop, Rotate, Straighten, Brightness & Contrast, Hue & Saturation, Vibrance, Colour Temperature & Tint, Fade, Highlight & Shadow, Sharpen, Double Exposure, Clarity and surprisingly all under one roof. 

Not convinced? There are more than 116 filters specially designed to match all your needs, way way more than Instagram. Still not convinced? Rookie Cam adds powerful camera options and luckily all under your control – Focus, Manual Control of Exposure and White Balance, Flash control with torch mode, 6x Digital Zoom, Grid & Leveler, Geo-Tag, Anti-Shake, Self-Timer and Shutter Interval Control, Mirror Mode, Save original photo. 

As you can see, this wonderful app makes your photo much more beautiful and sophisticated. Head over to App store and replace your Stock camera app with Rookie Cam.

Download Rookie Cam  

BitPlay Snap! Pro and Rookie cam are perfect fit to Turn Your iPhone Into a DSLR. Photography comes with practice, in case you are not able to take perfect shot at one go, try again and again. This is first and the final rule to become a good photographer. Hope you can take DSLR like photo on iPhone after reading this guide.

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