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Hello readers Did you Jailbreak your iPhone. If yes then you are expecting to make your device unique from your friends iPhone. Then this guide is for you. If you dont know how to Jailbreak iPhone Running iOS 7. This guide will show you How to Install PacMan Logo On  iPhone Running iOS 7. This guide is tested and we guarantee that this guide will 100% work on your iOS 7 devices. This PacMan logo will look like a PacMan eating your carrier  Signal Dots. The trick is cool and will make your iOS device look differenet from Other devices. Earlier, installing PacMan logo was not that easy, it was available on Cydia store but you have to install logo Manually which is a bit hard to do. Now things are Totally Changed and this guide on How to Install PacMan Logo On  iPhone Running iOS 7 will show you the easiest way to Install Pacman Logo eating Dots. So guys lets start our guide on How to Install PacMan Logo On  iPhone Running iOS 7.

How to Install PacMan Logo On  iPhone Running iOS 7

How to Install PacMan Logo On  iPhone Running iOS 7:-

As you can see the above image a small PacMan logo eating Dots. This guide helps you to get the same one on your iOS device. You can see that its looks super cool on your iOS device.

Prerequisites to Install Pacman Logo:-

  • A jailbreaken iOS device.
  • Update Cydia App.
  • A little Knowledge how to use Cydia App.

Process to Install PacMan Logo on iPhone Running iOS 7:-

nstall PacMan Logo On  iPhone Running iOS 7

The package can be found for free on modMyi Repo. First install that repo.  Once you have installed it go to your Settings app Locate Zeppelin app which is normally located at the bottom of the list and open it.  Now tap on Theme and you will see a list of themes; you will different pacman logos select your desired one and apply it.

Back on your Home screen you should now see Pac Man in place of your Carrier logo and a series of dots instead of the usual signal bars.  This tweak will install it for you automatically if you didnot installed Zeppelin app from Cydia store.

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