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Looking back down the memory lanes, I still remember the time when I used to exchange my favourite songs and pictures with my friends via Infrared. Things evolved, technology changed and I switched over to Bluetooth to fulfil the same purpose in less amount of time. Considering the recent advancement in technology, do you still bother to turn on your Bluetooth for file exchange? Probably you’ll laugh at me on this.

Considering the today’s scenario, everything just got optimised, reliable and time efficient. With the likes of SuperBeam, Cross platform sharing between Android and iOs was never so easy and fast as it is now. How about Windows Phone? Yes, it’s still an orphan child for developers and as usual no one bothers. As Steve Jobs said, “If you want to predict the future, Invent it“. In the coming years, Windows Phone market will definitely boom forcing the developers to adopt this orphan child. Some developers are making smart move and have already shifted, some are still thinking.

Earlier the cross platform sharing between Windows Phone and other OS was not easy and Bluetooth was the only option available for us. But now, active developers from FeePerfect came up with an amazing app Feem that lets to Instantly Share Files Between Windows Phone and Android and iOs. Impressive! Isn’t it? So, let’s start to make this procedure more clear:

Before We Begin, You Need:

  • Windows Phone running on WP 8.0 or above.
  • An Android or iOs device.
  • Feem app installed on your devices.

Share Files Between Windows Phone and Android and iOs

Step 1: Done with installing Feem on both your devices? If yes, open the app on both your devices and press the scan button. Make sure both your devices are connected to same WiFi network. As soon as both the devices got connected, you’ll the details of the connected device.

Share Files Between Windows Phone and Android and iOs

Not having WiFi around? Create a adhoc network or WiFi hotspot with your Android or iPhone and connect your Windows Phone to this network. But make sure, you need to be on the same WiFi network, else this will not work.

Step 2: So, eager to send files now? You are just 1 step away. Select the Menu with in the app and tap the Folder option. You can either send the entire folder if you wish or selectively mark things and send them on the go. I assure you, sharing Files Between Windows Phone and Android and iOs was never so easy.

How To Instantly Share Files Between Windows Phone and Android and iOs


Our Take?

What We Liked What We Disliked
  • Light app with no overhead
  • Free version is not ad free
  • First of its kind which allows cross platform sharing
  • Embedded with Chat Feature
  • Freeware

Feem turned out to be a complete utility app for my Windows Phone. +1 from my side to the developer at FeePerfect. Facing any problem? Do let us know through the comment section provided below. Keep subscribed for latest apps at Gizmostorm. For more Windows Phone Tutorials, head over to Windows How-tos section right away.