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Android phones have made life easier, and for the lovers of games, there is a lot to enjoy. Here, we talk about the different types of Android games available, and the famous ones in each category.

Strategy Games

These are games in which the players need to make decisions, choices, plan or wisely utilize resources. Their decision-making skills determine the outcome of the match. We tried a few strategy games which are popular and a real delight to play.

Age of Civilizations Asia is a game that lets you create a civilization which will reign over the world. This game uses a lot of cultural aspects and the graphics are also impressive.

With 35 different skills and abilities, you will be able to make the best of your strategy gaming skills in the Ninja Cats Vs Samurai Dogs. You will be the head of the army of the animals, which possess different skills.

Role Playing Games

When a game involves the player taking up the role of a character in the imaginary setting, then it is called a RPG or role play game.

In the Android game of Dragon World, you will have to create a legendary army which constitutes of different types of dragons. Here you will play the role of the trainer of the dragons. The graphics are spectacular, and you can fight against the other warriors with different types of Dragons.

Hack Slash Loot is a game where you need to guide the hero into the gloomy dungeons, and fight the monsters. The game has pixel graphics, and the game-play is undoubtedly exciting.

Fighting Games

These games need no description, and the name itself is self-explanatory. You can struggle in the vibrant battles, and make use of mixed martials in the Ultimate fighting Bros, which has excellent graphics, and comes with two different gaming modes. The controls of the game are simple to use.

The Turtle Heroes is a game where the Ninja Turtles fight numerous enemies, and you can help the heroes fight against the active opponents. The colorful graphics, great sound, and the fun characters make the game a great one.

Simulation Games

When activities like training, prediction and analysis are brought into a game, they are called simulation games. The examples of the simulation games are Castaway Paradise, Simple Planes, and the Real Tiger Cub Simulator. In the Castaway paradise, you need to help the heroes, who are on a tropical island, build and decorate the inhabited home.

Casino Games

You can enjoy the thrill of real casinos, without having to spend much on them, if you play the android phone casino games. You can play at the casinos anywhere on the go, and anytime you like. You can download these apps free like any other app and start playing. Spin palace casino lets you play casino on Android devices and this game pays over 5 million dollars of winnings. Royal Vegas Casino is one of the casinos that has been running long and offers 500 types of online casino games.