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At GizmoStorm,  we headed up with number of WhatsApp Tips and tricks for our loyal readers. The main aim for these Tips and Tricks is to allow our readers to play and have fun with this amazing messaging client in very efficient ways. WhatsApp is now part and parcel of everybody’s life. Considering this mesmerizing chatting client, WhatsApp grown bigger than Twitter with over 200 million monthly active users. Moreover, 400 million photo and over 20 billion messages per day are exchanged each day, that approximately doubles the messages carried by Facebook.

Though everything is quite handy in WhatsApp, but some or the other day, you might have felt if I could run two WhatsApp account on my Android without rooting my device, copy the WhatsApp status of my friend by just long pressing his/her status, view the WhatsApp images without saving it to gallery or enjoy the WhatsApp video without storing it to SD card. Though none of the features are supported by WhatsApp messenger but XDA senior member OsamaGhareeb came up with OGWhatsApp that can overcome all the limitations.

OGWhatsApp: Run 2 WhatsApp without root

As we all know, WhatsApp is way ahead from it’s rivals, but what’s lacking is running multiple WhatsApp account. Earlier we posted an article about running two WhatsApp accounts but a rooted android device was must and this restriction turned out to be a huge set back for majority of our readers. But now, sooner or later, we are here with how to run two WhatsApp on one phone without root.

OGWhatsapp: Best WhatsApp client for Android [apk Download]

OGWhatsApp: Copy WhatsApp Status

We all are interested in seeing the WhatsApp status of our contacts. Though recent WhatsApp update has allowed users to hide the status, but folks are barely interested in hiding. As we all know WhatsApp doesn’t allow to copy status of your friends for using it as your own status. For this, earlier we need to remember their status and then type it as our own status. But now, just tap the status in OGWhatsApp, and it’ll get copied to the clipboard.

OGWhatsapp: Best WhatsApp client for Android [apk Download]

OGWhatsApp: View WhatsApp media without saving it to SD card

Most annoying thing that WhatsApp ever offered to it’s users. Early morning, every day and every month, we receive a “Good morning” image. Each and every time it gets stored to the SD card. Duhh! Simply annoying. Isn’t it? With OGWhatsApp, don’t worry about all these craps, view the image/video without any hassle and believe me it’ll not get stored to your SD card.

OGWhatsApp: Change WhatsApp notification and app icon

Android is well known for it’s customization capability. So why not carry the legacy to it’s apps? OGWhatsApp is completely customizable app, from notification icon to app icon, everything can be changed. Just head over to OGWhatsApp settings–> OGMods–> Customization–> Launcher Icon or Notification Icon.

OGWhatsApp: View WhatsApp media without saving it to gallery

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