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In case you are concerned about your privacy, the only thing until now that you could actually do was to apply a passcode to your device, and hope that nobody else is able to crack it. While iPhone 5S replaced this passcode feature with TouchID enabled verification, once a third person has bypassed that page, he or she gets access to all the applications, settings and media on your iPhone 5S. To be frank, it is not really a big deal to get somebody’s fingerprints to unlock a particular iPhone 5S, however a need for application protection arises in case somebody does get access to the lockscreen of your iPhone 5S. Seems like developers of the jailbreak community feel the need of such a tweak as well, and finally they have come up with BioLockdown tweak for iPhone 5S users. Now, you can simply assign particular finger print to each individual application on your iPhone 5S and it will only be accessible to you once the TouchID matches. That’s right. You can now easily protect your important applications like Mail, Photos, Messages or anything you want to, using this wonderful tweak available under the BigBoss repository. So here’s how to get BioLockdown on your iPhone 5S instantly.

Protect Apps With TouchID On Your iPhone 5S Using BioLockdown Tweak

NOTE: Kindly note that BioLockdown requires you to have a jailbroken iPhone 5S. Here, we are assuming that you have already jailbroken it. We highly recommend you to take a complete backup of your device before proceeding.

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Step 1: Launch the default Cydia application on your iPhone 5S. The app gets installed as soon as you jailbreak your device, and should be available in your device’s springboard. Now, simply tap the Search button on the bottom right corner of the screen to search for BioLockdown tweak. biolockdown-cydia Step 2: The tweak is available under the infamous BigBoss repository for a price of $1.99 USD. However, you can get this tweak for free by adding Xsellize repo on your iPhone 5S (

Step 3: Once you have purchased/installed BioLockdown on your iPhonr 5S, simply navigate to Settings->BioLockdown to configure its settings. biolockdown-killswitch In the preferences page, you get a kill switch for this tweak. i.e, you can enable or disable it any time by using this toggle switch in the Settings app. Next, you get access to a Restrictions area, where you can enable TouchID protection for almost all elements on your iPhone including apps, settings pane or switches. There, you can select individual applications to enable TouchID protection to them, and also select switches like Cellular Data, WiFi, Airplane Mode. This means that if enabled, you will have to present your device with the preset TouchID in order to enable or disable basic functionalities of your iPhone 5S. Sound awesome right? So it is. biolockdown-restrictions BioLockdown is one of the few touch oriented tweaks on iPhone 5S that actually work. Now instantly protect apps with TouchID on your iPhone 5S via BioLockdown tweak. biolockdown-toggle

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