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It’s been good 5 years when we first came across the term- jailbreak, and ever since the jailbreak dev community has been able to root into Apple’s native iOS firmware, things have changed for users having iDevices. With an ever growing marketplace- Cydia, and in-numerous repositories to cater at your doorstep, the default and one of the most popular repo- the BigBoss repo has been able to maintain it’s reputation among the top repositories available by bringing in all the latest breath-taking tweaks under it’s banner.

Apple has marked it’s Camera quality to be on the top with it’s inbred hardware and software co-ordination, eye-popping color contrast, and super sonic shutter speed. Imagine how cool it would be to be able to access the native Camera app while using your iPhone anywhere on your screen, whenever you want to capture something within a time frame. Apple didn’t really think this feature to be that important for users, and probably skipped on it while designing the iOS UI, however, thanks to jailbreak dev team, they have come up with a new tweak- QuickCam which enables you to capture your favorite snaps from anywhere, and any-time on your iPhone, without having the need to launch Camera app. Here’s how to get QuickCam on your iPhone.

WARNING: Make sure you take a complete backup of your device before proceeding. We sure don’t want you to lose your data if anything goes wrong, though it shouldn’t.

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Step 1: The tutorial has a pre-requisite that you should have a jailbroken iPhone. That’s right, you cannot proceed unless and until you have a jailbroken iDevice, capable of accessing Cydia. Once you have Cydia app on your springboard, tap it to launch it.


Step 2: Navigate to the Search button in the bottom navigation menu, and search for QuickCam tweak. Click on it to buy it. The tweak is currently available under the BigBoss repo for $1.99 USD, though it is totally worth the price. However, in case you wish to get such tweaks for free, you can add Xsellize repo- and then search for the tweak to download the cracked version.


Step 3: Once you install the tweak, navigate to Settings->QuickCam to assign it a shortcut using the Activator app. Activator app should be pre-installed on your iDevice since it is added when you jailbreak your iDevice. However, if not, you can search and download it the same way you downloaded QuickCam.


That’s it . You can aim, and shoot your favorite snaps whenever and wherever you want to, without having the need to close your existing applications, or without putting them on hold, only with QuickCam Cydia tweak. Keep subscribed for more iOs How-tos, we are sure you’ll never regret.