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Redirect File Organizer lets you to sort files into custom folders on Android

Android is the one of the leading mobile Operating System used by majority of the people. I think you too a Android User. Every one copies files from computer and almost many of us including me are lazy to organise them into respected folders. Do you ever thought that if there is any app that do the work automatically on your behalf. The dream has came true XDA Developer Redirect Dev has developed an application named Redirect File Organizer. The main feature of the app is that the app organises the storage space for you and sort files into custom folders. This is a must and should app for every android device user using an Android device.

Lets see how the app works. Redirect File Organizer  currently supports all devices running 2.3+.  It organises all your music, Videos , Files, Pdf’s into a destinated folder which makes your sd card clean and well organised. All you need is just download the app from here.

What this App can do:-

  • It will keep all your music into a desired folder whenever you copy any music file to your sd card.
  • Moves all video files to the destinated video folder,
  • Moves all Files to the destinated folder.
  • You can move downloads from internal storage to external storage with ease.

The features mentioned above are only a few and it will do the above mentioned things automatically. It includes many more features like Tasker suppport and Theme support. I recommend this app to every android user. Download the app you will surely love the app. I will spend a few bucks on the pro version to enjoy a few more features and help the developer to include extra features and support development. Here is link to Pro version of this amazing app. If you are not willing to pay few bucks then you can settle for the free version and enjoy the main features.  Support us with your valuable comments and social shares so we can write about awesome apps that help to make your mobile experience easier. Leave your valuable feedback in the form of comments.

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