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Whenever we reject a call, then as a courtesy we tend to explain the reason either by calling or by sending an SMS to that person. Well, this is a normal practice being followed by many of us across the globe and hence it has been recorded as a default feature by Android and iOS both. In this article we will help you to understand that how you can use that feature of rejecting a call and then sending a pre-framed message to that person at that very point of time. We will also tell you that how can you save your own messages with those pre-framed messages, carefully look at the steps mentioned below and follow them.

How to Reject calls with Customized Message

Step 1: When you see an incoming call, instead of rejecting that call, simply tap that message icon on the screen (highlighted below in the screenshot).

Reject calls with Customized Message
Step-2: Now, you will see the following options, out of which you can choose the most suitable reason for rejecting the call. Tap that option.
Reject calls with Customized Message

As soon as you do that, a Text Message with the same text will be sent to that user.

How to Save your own Customised Message

Go to Settings>Phone>Reply with Message and then you will see that you can create custom messages there by adding the desirable text.

Reject calls with Customized Message

This option of customizing these messages will really save your time, as you wont have to secret type these messages while sitting in a meeting and listening to your boss. More importantly, you will never forget to tell the reason of not accepting the call during that time. Apart from this you can see the option of ‘Reminder’ in the first image of this article, you can use that feature for your iPhone to remind you to call after a certain (decided by you). We hope that these features might have come-in handy with you, stay tuned to know about such tips and tricks.

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