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If you are an iDevice user for long, you would be aware of a common limitation iOS imposes. i.e, you can only add a limited number of applications in the folders on your iDevice including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. However, in case you wish to classify a lot of applications, for instance games, you will have to create multiple folders like Games 1, Games 2 and so on. While it is not much of a concern in case you keep limited apps on your iPhone, the limitation on folders seriously creates a lot of hassles for iOS users.

Not any more, is what the developers of jailbreak community have to say to this limitation. Infinifolders is a good old jailbreak tweak which now has been ported to iOS 7. As the name suggests, the tweak lets you add infinite number of applications in one single folder, thus removing the folder limitation on iPhone instantly. What’s good about this tweak is, that it provides you with easy scrolling, and retains application icons design and layout. Further, even if you restore your iDevice, the app icon layout is preserved. Sounds good right? So it is. Here’s how to get Infinifolders on your iDevice running on iOS 7 instantly.

Remove Folder Limitation On iPhone Using Infinifolders For iOS 7 Tweak

NOTE: The tweak requires a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. We are assuming that you have already jailbroken your device. Further, please make sure you take a complete backup of your iDevice before proceeding.

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Step 1: Fire Cydia app on your device from the springboard and then tap the Search button on bottom navigation menu to search for Infinifolders jailbreak tweak.

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The tweak is available under the infamous BigBoss repository for a price of $1.99 USD. However, you can download the cracked version of this tweak by adding the Xsellize repo on your iDevice (

Step 2: Once you have successfully installed/purchased Infinifolders on your iDevice, simply navigate to Settings->Infinifolders to configure the preferences for this tweak.

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Firstly, you can enable or disable vertical scrolling using a toggle button. Other options let you configure scrolling style as per your liking. Infinifolders for iOS 7 is a must have tweak if you like to flood your iDevice with hundreds of applications.

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