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Are you one of those iDevice users who are bored of looking at the same old interface on all Apple’s devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch? Well, we sure are, and we love the jailbreak community for adding a little spice to what Apple refuses to offer in their default devices. While Slide to Unlock is Apple’s one of the oldest features to make up to the iOS 7 too, we only wish we could spice up the lock screen of our iDevices with something out of the box.

SlideWeather is a new jailbreak tweak coming right from the Cydia tweak store which lets you replace native Slide To Unlock text on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and replaces it with the current weather conditions. Now instantly get to know the most accurate weather conditions around you every time you look at your screen. Forget the old Slide To Unlock text, SlideWeather spices up your device’s lock screen like nothing else. So here’s how to get this wonderful tweak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch instantly.

Replace Slide To Unlock With Weather Conditions On iPhone With SlideWeather Tweak

NOTE: SlideWeather is a jailbreak oriented tweak, and requires a jailbroken iDevice before you could proceed. Here, we are assuming that you have jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Kindly note that jailbreaking can void your device’s manufacturers warranty and may make it immune to OTA updates coming from Apple. We recommend you to take a complete backup of your iDevice before you proceed any further.

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Step 1: Fire up Cydia application on your device. The Cydia app should be available in your device’s springboard. Then, tap the Search button on the bottom navigation menu to search for SlideWeather tweak.

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The tweak is available under the infamous BigBoss repository for a price of $1.00 USD, however, you can install the cracked version of this tweak by adding Xsellize repository (

Step 2: Once installed, simply navigate to the preferences page of this tweak by going to Settings->SlideWeather.

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In the settings page, you will come across a kill switch for this tweak, and you can disable SlideWeather anytime by turning this toggle to OFF. Further, it involves other basic settings like chevron display, and settings for iPhone 5S if you own one. You can set a preceding text to appear before the current weather, like Currently: which would appear on the lock screen of your device.

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The last setting lets you select a refresh time for weather update. You can set the refresh rate as per your will and that’s it. You can now continue getting current weather conditions right on your device’s lock screen as shown below.

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