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Google Nexus 4 Was a huge hit and has brought a great popularity for the Nexus devices because of their pricing and the awesome hardware. Yes they are called as Developers handsets. recently Google has released then Android 4.4 Kitkat and the Nexus devices are the first to receive the OTA.  We decided to put a detailed guide on How to Root LG Nexus 4 Running Android 4.4 Kitkat. Every guide we publish we take utmost care that the guide is working and it is in a detailed way that user can understand and it’s easy for you to try. So lets start our process  to Root LG Nexus 4 Running Android 4.4 Kitkat.

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You are rooting your device because you want to do it. Neither me nor the manufacturer is responsible if you hard brick your device in any case. You are tempering your device without manufacturer permission, so you’ll end up with voiding the warranty after rooting.

How to Root LG Nexus 4 Running Android 4.4 Kitkat:-

  1. Make sure that your device is LG Nexus 4 .
  2. Enable USB Debugging on your device.
  3. Download Android SDK from here.
  4. Download Fastboot From Here and extract it to android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools directory
  5. Now Download Super User su from Here and copy to root of your phone storage.
  6. Now turn off your device.
  7. Now download ClockWorkMpd recovery from Here. Copy it to android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools directory.
  8. Now turn on device using Power button + Vol up + Vol down at once you are now in Fastboot mode.
  9. Now browse to android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools directory And press alt + right click and select open cmd here.
  10. Punch in the following code and hit enter fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-
  11. After the execution of the command select Recovery option from the fastboot menu which boots your device into recovery menu.
  12. Now select Install upate from SD Card and select Super User file you have downloaded above.
  13. It will take time to install then Reboot system. Thats it you have rooted LG Nexus 4 Running Android 4.4 Kitkat

You have successfully Rooted your device by following our guide on How to Root LG Nexus 4 Running Android 4.4 Kitkat. Do let us know your reaction about How to root LG Nexus 4 Running Android 4.4 Kitkat. If you doubt that your device is rooted or not go to play store and downloader root checker and check.

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