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Have you ever wondered about copying the things from one device and pasting it to another device? If yes, then I must say you have landed up to the right place as today at Gizmostorm, we are here with the tutorial which will let you know How To Share Clipboard Between Android And Windows. Just hold up with me for 5 minutes and we will end up with something great.

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How To Share Clipboard Between Android And Windows:

Step 1: First and foremost, ClipSync Server must be installed on your device as well as in your system.

  •   Get ClipSync Server for Android from here.
  •   Get ClipSync Server for Windows from here.

Step 2: Once you end up installing ClipSync on both the devices, launch the app on your Android and make sure that it is running on your desktop also.

Note: Your PC and Android must be connected to the same network and also ensure that ClipSync Server is not blocked by your Firewall.

Step 3: After launching the app, tap on CONNECT TO SERVER MANUALLY, fill the essentials and at last hit on CONNECT AND SAVE.

Share Clipboard Between Android And Windows

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Note: While filling the essentials, you will encounter with Server IP Address. This IP Address is nothing but your IPv4 address which you will get by writing command “ipconfig” in cmd.

Share Clipboard Between Android And Windows

Step 4: Once you get connected to the ClipSync Server of your PC, you can close the application from your phone by tapping on the given button.

Share Clipboard Between Android And Windows

That’s it! Now you can easily Share your Clipboard Between Android And Windows without any hassle.

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