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Considering the last couple of years, WhatsApp is enjoying it’s success with great pomp and show. Recent study says that on an average, every user sends around 1200 messages per month. Though socialising is good thing, but if you are concerned about your children’s WhatsApp activity or having distrust in your ongoing relationship then the sure shot way to clear your doubts is to monitor their minute to minute WhatsApp activity.

Cheating one’s spouse is not at all taboo these days and living with the burden of being Cheated is agonizing. You can think of number of ways of reading your loved one’s WhatsApp messages and to mention some, grab their smartphone and read their WhatsApp messages. Though sometimes it’s practically impossible to get hold on someone else’s smartphone. Moving on with the easiest step, Spy on WhatsApp Without Access To Target Device and remotely monitor WhatsApp activity. Let’s head over to the Step By Step Guide How To Spy WhatsApp Messages Easily On Android:

Before we begin, you need:

  1. An Android device running on version 2.0 or up.
  2. WhatsApp Spy App like Spyera or MobiStealth.

How To Spy WhatsApp Messages:

Step 1: Please make sure you have installed WhatsApp Spy App on target device which you want to spy. If not, grab a copy of Spyera or MobiStealth.

Step 2: Once you install the Spy app on target device, you’ll get the login credential of your cPanel from where you can access the Spyera or MobiStealth servers.

Step 3: Now login to your Spyera control panel. Here, you’ll see full chat log of target phone which you can access anytime according to your convenience.

How To Spy WhatsApp Messages Easily On Android

Step 4: Access your cPanel Dashboard and head over to Messenger -> WhatsApp.

How To Spy WhatsApp Messages Easily On Android

Step 5: Just sit back and relax, entire chat logs of your children/spouse will be displayed in front of you.

How everything actually worked?

How To Spy WhatsApp Messages Easily On Android

As soon as you install the WhatsApp Spy App on target device and filled the required information on Spyera servers, your work is over. These reliable servers work accordingly and fetches the data from target device which you’ll see as a chat log on your desktop screen. The entire process will let you to get copies of each and every message initiated on targeted device.

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