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Is your child too much much indulged on Apple’s own messaging platform? Is your partner too busy for you and spends most of his/her time on iMessage? Are you fed up of your Employees behaviour and want to track their iMessage activity just to check if they are leaking your company’s data? If any of the said things tempt you to track someone’s iMessage, just don’t hesitate as you have all the rights to know the truth. Before you learn about spying on someone’s iMessage and best iMessage Tracker, read why you should monitor someone’s iMessage.

With the release of iOs 10 alongside with iPhone 7, Apple has revamped the iMessage app with lots of exciting features. If statisticians are to believed, iMessage will soon become the most widely used Instant messenger on Apple devices considering all the good things it has to offer. From end-to-end encryption to inclusion of tons of funny sticker, iMessage has got almost everything under it’s hood. 

According to recent stats, Infidelity cases in United States have crossed it’s ever highest mark. Sources claims that 70 percent of married women and 54 percent of married men did not know of their spouses’ extramarital activity. Do you consider yourself amongst one of them? If yes, iMessage tracker could be the best bet to reveal the truth. Don’t let anyone spoil your life, act before it’s too late and save your souring relationship.

For responsible parents, let me tell you, iMessage is the easiest platform to get your child trapped in cyber bullying. Any unknown person could get your teens phone number and perform the things he’s entitled to. Just don’t ignore the unusual behaviour of your child, he/she might be in trouble and couldn’t gather courage to have a word with you.

Below are top 5 iMessage tracker to monitor Kids, track Employees and keep an eye on your Loved ones. Track Responsibly though!


#1 – SpyStealth iMessage Tracker :

SpyStealth is critically acclaimed and most sophisticated tracking software specially designed for working parents, worried employers and fed up partners. I have been using iMessage tracker for my employees since last 3 years and believe me, it is extremely easy to configure and highly cost effective solution.

Basically every iMessage tracking software needs you to have iCloud credentials (i.e. Apple ID and password) of target iOs device, but what sets them apart is how fast they can intercept iMessages for you. SpyStealth wins hands down considering it’s blazing fast interception speed, top notch performance in extracting every details and even covering the media sent or received via iMessages. Isn’t it great?

I am quoting SpyStealth as iMessage tracker doesn’t mean it can only spy on someone’s iMessage. Apart from iMessage, you can also track WhatsApp without target phone, view call logs, added contacts, iCloud Notes, Mail, WiFi networks, geo locations and browsing history. 

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SpyStealth’s Pros :

  1. Top notch 24×7 support via Mail, Phone and Live chat.
  2. Tons of useful other useful features apart from acting as an iMessage tracker.
  3. Cheapest among all the iMessage monitoring software in terms of price.
  4. Works in Stealth mode and easy to setup even if you are a layman. Anyways, there’s 24×7 support to help you out even if you are stuck somewhere.

SpyStealth’s Cons :

Couldn’t find one even after rigorous testing be me and my team.

SpyStealth’s Official Website :

Get SpyStealth 


#2. mSpy iMessage Tracker :

mSpy is leading the Tracking software industry since it’s inception. Moreover it is the first iMessage tracker which allowed spying on someone’s iMessage without Jailbreaking the iOs device. Being a highly professional software, mSpy is an ideal tracking solution for working parents and Worried employers.

Just like any other tracking software, mSpy too needs iCould credentials of target iOs user so that it can extract all the chats and logs without even touching the target phone. If compared with SpyStealth, both the tracking software competes each other well and it’s difficult for me to tell which one is better. Just to make your task easy, mSpy is a renowned name in monitoring solution and has better customer support as compared to SpyStealth. On the other hand, SpyStealth has one or two extra features as compared to mSpy and is cheaper in terms of price. It’s upto you which one you use, I recommend both the softwares equally.

mSpy Pros :

  1. Industry leading 24×7 technical support via Mail, Phone and Live Chat.
  2. Works in Stealth mode and easy to setup
  3. Tons of other useful features apart from acting as an iMessage monitoring software.

mSpy Cons :

  1. Slightly expensive as compared to mSpy.

mSpy Official Website :

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#3. Spymaster Pro iMessage Tracker :

Seeing the demand of iMessage tracking software and that too without Jailbreaking the iPhone, makers of Spymaster Pro has launched it’s exclusive range of tracking software for non-jailbroken iPhone. Specially designed to Spy on someone’s iMessage, Spymaster pro is an adequate solution to monitor iMessage, call logs, Notes, contacts and Facebook messenger.

In case you are an employer and want to track your employee’s Skype messages along with iMessage, definitely spymaster Pro is a good deal for you. As compared to mSpy and SpyStealth, Spymaster Pro has quite less features but anyways you are here just to spy on iMessage and Spymaster does it pretty well.

Spymaster Pro Pros :

  1. Exclusively designed for non-jailbroken iPhone.
  2. At par technical support via Mail and Live Chat.

Spymaster Pro Cons :

  1. Little expensive as compared to features it has to offer.

Spymaster Pro Official Website :

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#4. SpyFlip iMessage Tracker :

This is again a very good iMessage tracker to spy on someone’s iMessage without access to target phone. In case you are looking for an extremely user friendly iMessage monitoring app, designed with useful features like tracking call logs, contacts, WhatsApp messages, Notes, iCloud Mail, connected WiFi networks, recently visited locations, browser history and ofcourse iMessage, SpyFlip has almost everything for you under it’s hood.

SpyFlip Pros :

  1. Neat and clean UI.
  2. At par customer support for all your setup needs.
  3. Cost effective solution to track someone’s iMessage.

SpyFlip Cons :

  1. It is not as fast to intercept someone’s iMessage as compared to SpyStealth and mSpy.

SpyFlip Official Website 

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#5. FlexiSpy iMessage Tracker:

What if I tell you FlexiSpy is the oldest and the best iMessage Tracker out there! You surely want to ask me, “then why you have listed FlexiSpy at 5th Spot?”. It is because, FlexiSpy needs you to Jailbreak your iPhone in case you want spy on someone’s iMessage.

If your target iOs device is Jailbroken and you can access his/her iPhone for 10 minutes, then FlexiSpy is definitely the best iMessage monitoring software. Moreover, it has plethora of unique features which non of the above mentioned iMessage tracking softwares have.

Just like any other iMessage spy tool, FlexiSpy can also track call logs, contacts, WhatsApp messages, Notes, iCloud Mail, connected WiFi networks, recently visited locations and browser history. What makes FlexiSpy stand out is, it can also intercept target’s live phone calls, record call conversations, almost all messenger tracking and tens of other features.

FlexiSpy Pros :

  1. FlexiSpy is Swiss knife for all your tracking solutions. Literally it has tons of additional features as compared to any of it’s competitor.
  2. Top notch customer support via Mail, phone and live chat.

FlexiSpy Cons :

  1. Unlike any of the mentioned tracking software, FlexiSpy needs you have access to target phone and it should be Jailbroken.

FlexiSpy Official Website :

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In case of any queries or questions regarding iMessage tracker or any other monitoring needs, just drop a comment below or contact via Contact Us section. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.