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Hello readers we are glad that we recently started writing guides on iOS devices and yesterday we covered a guide on How to Jailbreak iOS 7 with evasi0n 7. We understand that Many of the geeks Jailbreak their devices to experiment with cydia tweaks. Today we present you with a guide on  Top cydia tweaks you must try on ios 7. Yeah guys just experiment this tweaks and They will take your iOS usage to next level. We carefully handpicked the tweaks to make them a better deal to try on your iPads/iPhones. I will recommend to try these Top cydia tweaks you must try on ios 7. These are the Best tweaks for now and we will keep updating our blog with new tweaks as soon as we found them a better deal. You may ask whats the use of tweaks. Our answer is If you didn’t jailbreak your device at then first head out to our recent article and Jailbreak your device running iOS 7. After Jailbreaking just follow this guide and use this tweaks I bet that you love these tweaks. So lets jump straight into our guide on Top cydia tweaks you must try on ios 7

Top cydia tweaks you must try on ios 7:-

1. Adblocker:- It’s not a new cydia tweak but it has been updated to support iOS 7 which makes it work flawlessly with Jailbreaken iOS 7 devices. Lemme tell you a brief intro about the tweak. Adblocker is a tweak which make your Mobile Internet experience ad free. After installing the tweak you will never bother about the ads that apppear while you are surfing the internet in Safari or Google Chrome. I bet that you also get annoyed when you see the ads in an application or a game for free and You may annoyed soon to uninstall it. Then Adblocker is the best solution for you. Another Good news about this Application or tweak is it is available at 100% free and you need not spend a single penny. In order to use this Tweak all you need to do is to add a repo to your cydia application. open up Cydia applicatiom and tap on the Manage tab. Then go  to Sources > Edit > Add and type in the in the given field.

5 Must Try iOS 7 cydia Tweaks

2. Switch Spring:- The new iOS 7 comes with new multitasking support which is far better then previous iOS 6. The main drawback of the Multitasking of the apps in iOS 7 is that you cannot kill all the apps at once and you need to kill them one by one. This is the most noticeable drawback of the native multi tasking of the iOS devices. As we are Writing an article onTop cydia tweaks you must try on ios 7. We decided to write about the Cydia tweak named Switch Spring.

Top cydia tweaks you must try on ios 7

By using the tweak you can kill all the apps at once and also you can also Reboot the device without any problems. To activate the app to kill all the apps is to swipe on the home screen when you are in task switcher which brings up the menu of Spring Board.

3. CCHIDE:- The next application or tweak in our list is CCHIDE. The app is pretty staright forward and it will bring a lot of tweaks which help you to customize your Control center removing a all that stuff you don’t use often. you also tweak the music buttons which only appear when you are playing Music. And you can do much more so why are you waiting for 😀 .

Top cydia tweaks you must try on ios 7

4. Battery Safe:- Battery Safe is a must save tweak for the Best tweak to be used on you Jailbreaked Apple devices. The app does the automated way all you need is to select which services like wifi or Mobile data which is to be turned off when the battery goes low. One can do the that easily from the Control centre but what happens when you forgot to turn off Wifi and your battery drained in No time and you dont even have enough charge to make a phone call. Then this app will rescue you Give it a try.

Top cydia tweaks you must try on ios 7

5. PacMan signal eating logo: This guide is tested and we guarantee that this guide will 100% work on your iOS 7 devices. This PacMan logo will look like a PacMan eating your carrier  Signal Dots. The trick is cool and will make your iOS device look differenet from Other devices. Earlier, installing PacMan logo was not that easy, it was available on Cydia store but you have to install logo Manually which is a bit hard to do. Now things are Totally Changed, follow the detailed guide to install PacMan logo.

Top cydia tweaks you must try on ios 7

For now, we are up with only these Cydia tweaks, but we’ll be certainly updating our guide with many more interesting ones in future. If you know something better, do let us know through comment section, that’ll be the time for you to get featured on GizmoStorm.

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