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From the beginning itself Apple believes in creating it’s own app ecosystem, iMessage being the one. No matter how strongly WhatsApp is ruling the Instant messaging world, you should ask yourself (I believe you are an iPhone owner) if recipient is also having an iPhone, iMessage is your primary mode of communication. Isn’t it? Reason being the uncompressed images and videos (below 30 mb), so no blurry images on zoom and for some obviously the style quote. Over the past 6 months or so I am constantly getting mails from my readers complaining their iPhone not sending picture messages. They are simply struck midway defying the purpose of using iMessage. For the same I decided to jot down few troubleshooting steps which will surely let you to fix iPhone not sending picture messages :

iPhone Not Sending Pictures On iMessage :

Troubleshoot Step 1 : Check if your iMessage service is activated or not. This is quite obvious step, but out of anxiety we often forget to activate iMessage after a hard reset and end up complaining of iPhone not sending picture messages. To check, head over to Settings -> Messages -> Check if iMessage is Toggled on.

How To Troubleshoot iPhone Not Sending Picture Messages


Troubleshoot Step 2 : Check the network strength. Try loading any website on Safari, if it doesn’t loads up means problem is with your network.

How To Troubleshoot iPhone Not Sending Picture Messages

Troubleshoot Step 3 : Check iMessage outages. Sometimes the problem is from Apple’s side i.e. iMessage servers are down. Check the status from the given link if iMessage is working or not. If it’s down, wait for sometime until service is up again.

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Troubleshoot Step 4 : Unlike WhatsApp, iMessage never compresses your images or videos. You are trying to send multiple images, but due to low data speed you end up waiting for countless minutes. Try sending one image at a time and see if it’s been received by recipient or not. If it get sent, the problem is low data speed.

Troubleshoot Step 5 : Check the Size of picture. If it is too large, again it ends up making you wait for countless minutes. Try sending low sized image, if it get sent, again the problem is low data speed.

Troubleshoot Step 6 : Restart your iPhone. Once your iPhone has restarted, just check if the iPhone Not Sending Picture Messages problem still persist. If it persist, try for soft resetting your iPhone. To soft reset your iPhone, hold down home and power button until Apple logo lit up.

Troubleshoot Step 7 : Hard reset your iPhone. This will be difficult for you, but once you back up your data using iTunes, there’s no worry of data loss. Restoration of backed up data is always possible.

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Troubleshoot Step 8 : Take your iPhone to Apple store and let them run the diagnosis. This is your last resort, only Apple genius can help you to eradicate this issue now.

iPhone Not Sending Picture On MMS :

Troubleshoot Step 1 : Make sure MMS is turned on. To do so, head over to Settings -> Messages -> MMS messaging is toggled on.

How To Troubleshoot iPhone Not Sending Picture Messages

Troubleshoot Step 2 : Check if your Carrier support MMS. Call your Carrier operator and check with them about the MMS availability in your area. If it’s available, ask them to send the new MMS settings on your number and install it at your earliest convenience.

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Troubleshoot Step 3 : Check the network strength. Bad network strength could be a reason your iPhone Not Sending Picture Messages. Wait until you get proper network coverage and then try sending picture messages.

How To Troubleshoot iPhone Not Sending Picture Messages

Troubleshoot Step 4 : Remove the added profiles. This option is not valid for everyone, only those who have installed profiles manually should proceed. To check if you have installed profiles, head over to Settings -> General and check if there’s any menu for Profiles. If yes, remove it. If there’s no Profile menu listed means you have not installed profiles manually.

Troubleshoot Step 5 : Reset the Network Settings. Head over to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Tap on Reset Network Settings. Again this is your last resort. If any of the above steps didn’t work for you, take your iPhone to Apple Store and let them diagnose the issue.

How To Troubleshoot iPhone Not Sending Picture Messages

In case you found some other way and believe this will help some of other readers to fix iPhone Not Sending Picture Messages, please share your valuable inputs. It will help your other fellow readers too.

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