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In case you are WhatsApp user and prefer to use it on your iPhone, you would already be aware that it is one of the finest instant messaging applications available. With its integration to business organizations, WhatsApp Messenger has made its place in almost all sectors of life, including education, business, and of course social media. Even if you have been using WhatsApp Messenger on your iPhone for years, at one point or another, you would have felt that the WhatsApp experience on iPhone does not cater to your needs completely. i.e, there are things, customizations, and functionalities that you wish you could have got on your iPhone while using WhatsApp Messenger, but the limitations offered by both Cupertino based giant- Apple, and WhatsApp do not go right with it.

For those who don’t know, the WhatsApp Messenger application on your iPhone contains a plethora of features which are kept locked or hidden from users. It is apparently not possible to get the most out of WhatsApp Messenger in case you have NOT jailbroken your iPhone, however, in case you have, you can get altogether a new set of features and functionalities on your WhatsApp that you always wish you had. So here’s how to unlock hidden WhatsApp features on your iPhone instantly.

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  • Jailbroken iPhone 3GS or above.
  • WhatsApp Messenger installed on your iPhone.
  • Little patience.

Unlock Hidden WhatsApp Features On Your iPhone Instantly

NOTE: Please note that you will require a jailbroken iPhone to follow this tutorial. We are assuming that you already have one, and we highly recommend you to take a complete backup of your iPhone before proceeding.

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  • First of all, you will have to install Watusi tweak on your iPhone. Navigate to Cydia->Search->Watusi->Install to get it on your iPhone. Once you have installed it, follow the rest of the steps below.

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To Freeze The Last Seen…

  • Navigate to Settings app on your iPhone, and then look for Watusi settings in the bottom. Tap it to open the preferences page for this tweak.
  • Here, you will see a number of options. On the top, there is an option for Freeze LastSeen. Simply toggle the switch to ON to activate this feature.

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Earlier, you could never freeze your last seen on WhatsApp Messenger. By toggling this setting, you get to freeze your last seen timestamp instantly, and your friends will see a frozen last seen.

To Fit Your Profile Photo Without Cropping…

  • In order to fit your profile photo, navigate to Settings->Watusi .
  • Here, you will come across a toggle switch named Profile Photo Fit. Simply toggle the switch to ON to activate this feature.

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You would have noticed that earlier in case you used a profile picture of larger dimension, your picture used to get cropped to a pre-set dimension. By activating this feature, you can add profile picture of any dimension without cropping it.

To Disable Read Receipts Tickers…

  • To disable read receipts, navigate to Settings->Watusi.
  • Navigate to the Read Receipts toggle switch and tap it to turn it ON.

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  • Once you turn it on, your friends will not see a double tick even if you have read their WhatsApp message.

At times we don’t want other people to know that we have read their messages. Disabling read receipts is the best way to do so.

To Enable Long Status Message…

  • Navigate to Watusi preferences page from Settings app.
  • Find Status Length toggle button and turn it ON to enable longer status messages.

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By enabling this feature you can enter a status up to 256 characters, and is perfect feature for you in case you are never short of words.

To Add Shortcut Keys To Control Center…

Once you install Watusi on your iPhone, you will automatically get Frozen Last Seen and Disabling Read Receipt buttons on your Control Center. Swipe on your iPhone’s screen from bottom to top to start using them.

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To Keep Your WhatsApp Running In Background…

  •  Launch Watusi’s preferences page from Settings application.
  • Tap on Stay Connected toggle switch to turn it ON.

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This feature will keep your WhatsApp from disconnecting while you are multitasking on your iPhone. This way, your WhatsApp account will always stay connected.

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Watusi unlocks a lot of hidden features on your WhatsApp Messenger application. While this is the ultimate jailbreak tweak you would require, it replaces all individual WhatsApp tweaks that we used to install in order to unlock some specific functions.

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