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From The President to a common man, every one is fond of selfies and why they shouldn’t! Today’s digital world demands it. Isn’t it? We all have to agree, iPhone is best suited for taking great shots and Apple is working hard to get upto our expectation. Though one thing just make me furious, why there’s no provision to unmirror iPhone’s front camera. It’s been scientifically proven, one side of the face is much more beautiful than the other, same goes for me and you too, thats why we all are here.

Few months back, I had covered an article on How To Stop Selfie Flipping On iPhone, but with the price of Jailbreak. Most of us don’t have a Jailbroken iPhone and just for unmirroring the front cam, none of us either wants to do it. Looking at the situation, today at GizmoStorm, we are here with How To Unmirror iPhone Front Camera Without Jailbreak :

Pre-requisites To Unmirror iPhone Front Camera Without Jailbreak :

  • It doesn’t matter whether your iPhone is Jailbroken or not, any one can make use of this neat trick.
  • Instead of using plethora of paid Camera apps available over App Store, we’ll be making use of Snapchat to stop selfie flipping without Jailbreak and that’s too without paying a dime.

How To Reverse the Front Camera Mirror on iPhone without Jailbreak :

Step 1 : You might have already heard about Snapchat and who knows you are using it too on daily basis. Let’s make use of Snapchat to capture your Beautiful side. In case you are not using Snapchat, firstly install it from App Store.

How To Unmirror iPhone Front Camera Without Jailbreak

Step 2 : Once installation is done, whenever you feel like taking selfies, open Snapchat from your iPhone’s Springboard.

Step 3 : Take the Selfie as usual by pressing the shot button in Snapchat app.

How To Unmirror iPhone Front Camera Without Jailbreak

Step 4 : Now Tap on Download button at the bottom left corner of the screen and hit on close button.

How To Unmirror iPhone Front Camera Without Jailbreak

Step 5 : Head over to Photos app on your iPhone and locate the unmirrored version of your selfie. It’s as easy as that. In case you don’t want to install Snapchat, you can follow the same procedure with Instagram also to Unmirror iPhone Front Camera Without Jailbreak and store the unmirrored selfie to Photos app.

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