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If you are using an Apple device then you must be pretty well aware of AirDrop service which makes the file transfer between the iDevices super-simple. But unfortunately, by using AirDrop you won’t be able to share files between Windows and Mac or Android as this feature is only available for Apple devices. Now if you are Windows or Android user and looking for the similar AirDrop like feature for sharing the file then I must say you have landed up to right place. Today at GizmoStorm, we shall see How To Use AirDrop On Windows. Just hold up with me for 5 mins and we will end up with something great.


How To Get AirDrop Like Feature On Windows:

Step 1: Send Anywhere Application must be installed on your devices between which files are getting transferred.

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Step 2: Once the installation is done, launch the application on both the devices.

Use Airdrop On Windows

Step 3: Now tap on Send button on either device through which you are sending the file.

Use Airdrop On Windows

Step 4: On the succeeding screen add the files you want to send.

Use Airdrop On Windows

Step 5: After adding files, tap on Share Directly. While in the mean time tap on Recieve button on the other device for receiving the file.

Use Airdrop On Windows

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Step 6: At the sending device you’ll get the 6 digit key, which you have to put in receiving side so as to accomplish the file transfer.

Use Airdrop On Windows

Note: The 6-digit key only lasts for ten minutes and if this is too short, you can upload your files for 24 hours.

Once the above steps are done successfully, you will see the completion screen as below:

Use Airdrop On Windows

In case you have a better alternative kindly let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below. I’ll try to update the article asap.

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