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Veho SoundBlaster portable speaker review

Searching for a great sound companion for your Smartphone/tablet? Probably Yes, that’s why you are here, Isn’t it? One or the other day, for very specific reasons we got fed up with our Smartphone’s inbuilt speakers and for that purpose only, a very handy thought comes to our mind- Why don’t buy a portable speaker that is Bluetooth compatible, ultra light, having great sound and small enough to fit inside the pocket. For same purpose only while searching the web, I got my eyes on Veho SoundBlaster portable speaker and without wasting any time I just ordered them. Let’s have a detailed hands on Veho SoundBlaster portable speaker :

–>What’s inside the box

Veho SoundBlaster portable speaker review

Veho SoundBlaster portable speaker comes in a very sturdy and beautiful plastic casing that will certailnly prompt you to love the speaker without opening the case. As soon as you open the case, a very beautiful little powerhouse is waiting for you inside. Along with it you are provided with an AUX cable  and a charging cable that will keep your speaker powered on.

  • Veho SoundBlaster portable speaker
  • 3.5mm AUX cable
  • A charging cord.

–>Looks and feel

Veho SoundBlaster portable speaker review

The first thing you’ll note about this little gadget is it’s size. Believe me, it is merely bigger than the size of an egg. So you can imagine, how easily it can fit in your pocket. For the first time when you grab it, you’ll fall in love with this little beast, from rubberized finish to it’s cylindrical shape and from it’s sturdy built to it’s small size, everything will mesmerize you in a very awing fashion.

Near the bottom, 3.5mm jack socket, charging slot and an ON/off/charging indicator LED is provided. Moving onto the base, there is a three way switch for on/off/on with Bluetooth/AUX connectivity.


Did you ever measured the performance of Lionel Messi or Sachin Tendulkar considering their size. None of us can do such a blunder. Isn’t it? Similar is the case with Veho SoundBlaster portable speaker. It’s a small house powerpack with amazing sound quality. Moreover, when I was enjoying this speaker in my room, I felt the thump of the music without any disturbances. However, for a crowded place, this piece of gadget slightly disappointed me as sound was not loud enough to be clearly audible from distance.


Considering my usage, I charged it for 1.5 hrs with USB charging adaptor and the charging light goes off after that, that’s certainly a charging indicator. Initiating the music via Bluetooth, it provided me 2.5 hrs of music playback. 3hrs is what Veho website quotes.

Specs :

  • 400 mAh inbuilt battery.
  • 2.2 Watt power output.
  • 10 meters of Bluetooth range.
  • Weighing just 52g.
  • 30mm diameter x 50mm tall

 What we liked?

  • A very decent audio output with effective base.
  • Sturdy built and small size.
  • Fast connectivity.
  • Budget friendly price.

What we disliked?

  • A very loud beep voice while connecting it to smartphone.
  • No media playback controls.

GizmoStorm’s Score : 9/10

Overall it’s a great speaker with budget friendly price. Veho SoundBlaster portable speaker is available for just £19.95. A good bargain for a great device in terms of look as well as features! You can order it online from gearzap webstore. Looking for similar gizmos for your Acer Iconia B1, head over to Acer Iconia B1 accessories.