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When it comes to choosing the right monitoring app, people have a vast array of apps to choose. That’s because each app comes with something exclusive and offers users a unique set of features. Besides, as an employer or working parent, you will naturally worry about your child’s online activities. People use all kinds of mobile devices these days, so you’d need something that can monitor almost any device. Every app is great in its own way. However, there are some reasons why people prefer to use XNSPY to other similar apps available in the market.

People generally have a strong preference for Android devices. At the same time, quite many smartphone users are converting into iPhone users since the recent iPhone 7 release. Keeping this in mind, it is common practice for employers and parents to look for a monitoring or spying app that works on both Android and iOS devices. Let’s compare XNSPY to some very commonly used apps and see why people prefer it to them.


XNSPY Vs mSpy :

mSpy is generally on top of many people’s list because it comes packed with numerous features. Besides, it is available in the Basic ($25.49/month) and Premium ($14.17/month) version. The most attractive feature for many users is that it allows users to access text messages and conversations on other IM chats. XNSPY, on the other hand, offers everything mSpy does. However, people prefer this app because the Basic ($8.33/month) and Premium ($12.49/month) versions are relatively cheaper than many other monitoring apps. It allows text monitoring via SMS and on other IM chats too, like WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, KIK, Skype, and Facebook messenger. It also offers 24×7 customer services online via Live Chats. Whenever users feel that they need assistance, they can find help online.

XNSPY Vs FlexiSpy

Another app quite a number of people use is Flexispy. However, it is for people who want something with more than a hundred features, which they don’t even use. Additionally, it is expensive because its Basic version costs $68/month, and the Premium version costs $199/month. It’s ideal for people who are willing to spare their money for an app that they will seldom use to its maximum potential. This is why it is not number one on people’s list generally. Xnspy offers many features too, but strictly those that enable users to enjoy complete monitoring of the target device. For example, users can monitor incoming and outgoing calls, emails, text messages, monitor photos and videos, and track a target’s GPS location. They can use Geofencing and browser history too.

XNSPY Vs Spymaster Pro :

If you are looking for an app that allows monitoring chats on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat, then you will prefer Spymaster. It provides access to the target’s call logs and offers Geofencing and GPS tracking too. It has very limited features compared to FlexiSpy and has keyword filtering. XNSPY once again competes with Spymaster and takes the lead because it offers all these features and still costs much less. You can get access to all the IM chats and use keyword filtering by watchlisting words. This means that whenever the target person uses the words you watchlist, the app alerts you via SMS. With Geofencing, XNSPY users can watchlist places, so that whenever the target person enters or leaves specific places, the app alerts the users. The best part is that XNSPY maintains its stealth mode throughout.


XNSPY Vs PhoneSheriff :

Access to a target person’s internet history on mobile devices is something employers want. This can tell them how efficiently their target person uses the device for work, without sidetracking to other irrelevant things online. This is why people prefer to spend as much as $49 or $80 on this app. However, XNSPY users also get access to the target’s browser history and at much less than the cost of PhoneSheriff. Many people who have switched to this new app from PhoneSheriff say that it works better and has an easier-to-understand dashboard. The dashboard in XNSPY is available in a demo on their website so that potential users can try it before subscribing to it.

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